For use with a heat press ONLY. Easy Presses and irons are not recommended. 

*Please note these are just starting suggestions. Each heat press is different and may require slightly higher or lower temps and times. 
Original Heat Pressing Temperature: 325-335*F
High Heat Pressing Temperature: 355-375*F
Pressure: 60 psi/8-9
Press: 7-10 seconds
Peel: Hot/Immediately
Material: Cotton or Cotton/Polyester blend

*Do not use additional Teflon sheets*

  • Screenprint transfers require very high pressure to adhere correctly. If you think your pressure is high enough, make it higher! It is also recommended to check the heat plate of your press with an infrared thermometer, to ensure accuracy of temperature across the whole plate.
  • Start by pre-pressing your garment for 5-7 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture. Make sure there are no seams in the way, which can affect the transfer.
  • Lay your transfer image side down on your garment.
  • Press for the recommended time and temp for the formula screenprint you are using (original or high heat).
  • All of our screenprint transfers are hot peel. Open press and, starting at one corner, slowly peel back the transfer backing paper. If any portion looks like it is not adhering, lay the paper back down and press again for 3-5 seconds. You may need to rotate your garment on your press if you have cool spots.
  • There should be no resistance when removing the backing paper if properly adhered. You should be able to see the fibers of the shirt through the ink.
  • Allow the garment to "cure" for 24 hours.