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Chenille Letters

NOTICE: Do not order chenille patches with screenprint transfers. This will result in a delay of your order, and possibly forfeiture of any discounts. If transfers are ordered with letters, orders will be split and separate shipping will be charged.

Sold as a single letter. All letters are appx. 3.25" tall. Width varies slightly between 3.2"-3.5", depending on the letter. Colored chenille with gold glitter border and heat-activated adhesive backing. Actual color may vary based on your screen settings. Instructions will be sent for using both a heat press and an Easy Press for application, but heat press is recommended for best results.
Pressing Instructions for a Heat Press:
1. Set heat press to 285*F.
2. Pre-press garment for 4-5 seconds.
3. Position letters and cover with either parchment paper or a Teflon sheet.
4. Press with med/hi pressure for 15-20 seconds. Let cool for 30-60 seconds.
5. Turn garment inside out, cover section where letters are with parchment or Teflon sheet and repeat step 4.
If letters have not fully adhered everywhere, repeat steps 3-5.

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