Honey Kay Impressions

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Pink PUFF Ink; read entire description

Appx. Size: 11x3.75

—Press at 350°F for 9 seconds, hot peel. Too low heat and they won’t puff well, too high temp and they won’t stick. If you have never used puff prints before, I highly suggest ordering an extra to cut up and use for test presses.
—You have to use a clamp heat press. Cricut Easy Presses will not work with these.
—These cannot go in the dryer. They do best laundered inside out on cold/cool. Again, do not put them in the dryer. For those of you who sell, please make sure your customers know this. The ink also doesn’t stretch well. It will crack if stretched too far.
***No refunds will be given for any puff transfers that do not work due to incorrect press settings (I test press everything before I send it out).